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Alberta Odorant Services

AOS provides a safe, convenient, and cost-effective odorant delivery service to utilities, industry, and oil and gas customers in Western Canada.

Alberta One Call - Click Before you Dig

Alberta One-Call is a private, not-for-profit corporation providing a communications service between people who intend to disturb the ground in Alberta and the utility operators who register their buried facilities (Members of Alberta One-Call).

CCI Wireless

Corridor Communications Inc. (trade name: CCI Wireless) is a product of exceptional vision of nine founding partners. Today, CCI Wireless has 17 shareholders including 14 gas co-ops, 2 municipalities, and 1 R.E.A. (Rural Electrification Association). These partners are co-operatives which 30 years ago came together to offer basic utility services to underserved Rural Albertans. This same spirit exists today for the delivery of another utility - broadband internet - with the goal of eliminating the digital divide for its members & all of rural Albertans who struggle with poor or no broadband services. CCI Wireless has moved to the forefront as the Broadband provider of choice for Rural Alberta having three key advantages over its competitors.

Energy Alberta

Natural Gas Facts

Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd

he Federation of Alberta Gas Co-ops Ltd. based in Sherwood Park, AB is currently composed of 81 natural gas utilities throughout the province of Alberta. Providing rural Alberta with natural gas, the Federation members create the largest rural gas system in the world. 

Our main function is to provide our Member gas utilities with centralized services to help save costs by pooling the resources of our entire membership base.

Gas Alberta

Gas Alberta Inc. is a private corporation owned by 79 natural gas utilities in Alberta . The Company’s primary mandate is to aggregate natural gas supplies for resale to its shareholders.

Measurement Canada

Measurement Canada is responsible for ensuring that businesses and consumers receive fair and accurate measure in financial transactions involving goods and services. The agency develops and administers the laws and requirements governing measurement; evaluates, approves and certifies measuring devices; and investigates complaints of suspected inaccurate measurement.

Utility Consumer Advocate

The Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) was created in October 2003 to represent the interests of electricity and natural gas consumers (residential, small business, farm) in Alberta. The UCA team works to ensure consumers have the information, representation and protection they need to help them make informed choices in Alberta's deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.