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  • The Bow River Gas Co-op deals with landowners and holds landowners responsible for the gas used on their property. The Co-op will allow a tenant to pay the bill for the landowner as long as a Third Party Agreement has been signed by the landowners allowing the bill to be sent to the tenant.
  • Maintain their gas account in good standing with the Co-op.
  • BRGC holds the contract with the landowner who is responsible for their tenant’s gas bills.
  • The landowner is fully responsible for the bill if the tenant lets the account fall into arrears.
  • Custody transfer location of the natural gas to the customer is the outlet of the meter.
  • The Customer is responsible for repairs, renewals, or maintenance of the consumer's piping or equipment beyond the outlet of the meter, which is designated as the point of delivery
  • The Consumer shall be liable for the costs of installations, maintenance, and repair of all secondary piping and equipment beyond the outlet of the meter and within their own premises including the piping from the point of delivery to the buildings and shall assume all risk and responsibility with respect to such piping and equipment, and protection of the same.
  • More details can be found in your customer contract.