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            Vauxhall, Alberta, T0K 2K0



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  • Cleaner than oil.
  • Cheaper and safer than propane.
  • The average house uses 120 GJ’s/yr.
  • Versatile 
    • Can use Natural gas for Heating, Cooking, Power Generation, and to run Vehicles.
  • Alberta produces about 70% of Canada’s Natural Gas
  • The Gas reserves in Alberta produced 3.7 trillion cubic ft. of gas in 2012. 
  • Natural Gas is mainly used for Industry, Electrical generation, and residential heating.
    • In recent years more vehicles are beginning to be converted to run off of natural gas. 
  • Up to 500 trillion cubic feet of Coal bed Methane in Alberta.
  • Alberta has one of the most extensive natural gas systems in the world as part of its energy infrastructure, with more than 400,000 kilometres of energy related pipelines.